Slade Valley Heritage Trail

Cunnane Stratton Reynolds (CSR) DSC_0032has been appointed along with Roughan & O’Donovan engineers and Tourism Development International to investigate the feasibility and, identify route and design options for a Slade Valley Heritage Trail in South County Dublin.

It is envisioned that the trail would provide a multi-purpose recreation facility for local residents, accessing the rich natural and cultural heritage of the valley and reinforcing the historic links between the three communities of Brittas, Saggart and Rathcoole. The trail would also be intended to attract visitors to the area for the benefit of local businesses.

The Slade Heritage Trail Steering Group is made up of representatives of the three communities, along with South Dublin County Council, represented by the Heritage Officer Rosaleen Dwyer.

Work on the project has commenced and it is intended to complete the study by the end of 2013.

The same consultant team led by CSR is in the final stage of a similar Heritage Trail planning study for the Nore River Valley in Co. Kilkenny.


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