Great Northern Distillery, Dundalk

FIN_20130822_BBI_001_28670462_I1Cunnane Stratton Reynolds (CSR) have assisted Great Northern Distillery in obtaining a Section 5 Certificate of Exception for the proposed conversion of the former Harp Brewery in Dundalk into a new distillery.

Under the legislation in order to qualify for a Section 5 exception it must be prove principally that:

  1. The existing and proposed use come under the same class of use;
  2. The existing use has not been abandoned;
  3. There is no requirement for either an AA or EIS; and
  4. The works will have no impact on a protected structure.

CSR prepared a planning statement which demonstrated that due to the significant overlap in methods of production, a brewery and distillery could be considered under the same class of use and therefore there was no material change of use.

CSR with the assistance of Scott Cawley and Mulroy Environmental prepared a EIS Screening Report, and appointed Scott Cawley to prepare an AA Scoping Report. Both reports demonstrated that there was no requirement for either a full EIS or AA.


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